NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s mid-infrared view of the Pillars of Creation strikes a chilling tone. You may download this cool image to use as HD background wallpaper on your phone.

‪1.256 x 2.653‬ pixels

Photo by James Webb - original here Pillars of Creation (MIRI Image) (webbtelescope.org)

Many layers and pillars of semi-opaque gas and dust overlay one another. These regions appear light  blue and dark gray-blue. The first pillar starts at the bottom left and extends to the top right. There is  one prominent red star, with tiny spikes at its tip. Lower on this pillar, there are several darker areas of  dust that jut out, many with bright red stars that appear as small red dots at their ends. Below the top  pillar are two slightly smaller pillars, both ending in dark gray-blue regions. The second pillar has a dark  arch that looks like an upside-down L halfway down. The background of this scene is washed in shades  of red. Toward the top center is a V shape. At its lowest point, the V is a brilliant red. There are only  several dozen tiny bright white and blue stars in this overall scene. Larger stars appear redder and are  embedded in the pillars.